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Zodiac Signs are so last year. What's your Cake Sign? 🍰

Zodiac Signs are so last year. What's your Cake Sign? 🍰

Who needs a star sign these days when the world has given us so much more to identify with? I love cake as much as the next person, if not even more. 🎂

I often find myself relating the different people I meet to different cakes inside my head. Weird? Probably. But having cake in your head 24/7 isn't exactly a bad thing, either. 😉

So, I'm here to try and change the way we all think of each other. Zodiac signs can be quite… aggressive. Cake, on the other hand, never lets you down. I think it's high time we replaced the star signs with cakes. That's it. That's what we're doing today. Let's dive right in: 

Scorpio: Victoria Sponge 

Scorpios are resourceful, and nothing says resourceful like throwing together whatever is left in the larder and still getting a classic, well-rounded and ever-loved result. 🍰

Their passionate side is shown in the technique and skill any baker can use to alter the method of making the sponge. Whipped whites or creamed butter? Possibilities are endless, but the drive is unreal. 

Cancer: Carrot Cake

A Cancer exudes compassion, an element of human nature said to be channeled through nature. Carrot cakes take something typically used as a filler on your plate for nutritional purposes and turns it into a sweet treat, sure to brighten anyone's day. 🥕

But they're also sensitive people, and carrot cake’s moist texture represents that perfectly. 

Aquarius: Red Velvet 

Aquarians are progressive, independent and able to stand on their own. 💪

Red velvet cakes have arguably been one of the biggest pushers for food aesthetics in the 21st century. The original colour was a much more deep red, caused by the reaction of vinegar and cocoa while baking in an oven. But since then, box mixes have taken over, and their additives used to brighten the colour and firm the texture of the cake. 

Libra: Black Forest Gateau

Is there anything more graceful than a Black Forest cake? Libras might not be able to make up their mind on that question, but deep down they'll know the truth. 

Cooperation shines through between the flavours of the Black Forest and everyone's favourite: chocolate. 🍫

Aries: Ice Cream Cake

Aries are not patient people. They want to have their cake and eat it too, right away. 

The ice cream cake is a cake typically required to be eaten as soon as served for fear of meltdown catastrophes. The determination of an Aries to get through an entire frozen cake without being taken out by brain freeze will entertain everyone around them. 🍦

Capricorn: Pineapple Upside Down Cake 

Pineapple upside down cakes require discipline to perfect. Capricorn's stubbornness works the same way. 

Want to understand why they think the way they do? Watch them turn out the cake of their dreams - you can't imagine what it must be like inside the cake tin until the cake is revealed, but a Capricorn has had the image in their head since they were born. 🍍

Gemini: Funfetti Cake 

Geminis tend to have a short attention span. Flying from one colour to the next with every glance, the funfetti cake perfectly embodies their cacophonic character. 🌈

And while their shy tendencies make them seem hard to approach, one slice into a funfetti cake and the good times will continue to roll. The same goes for a Gemini. 

Sagittarius: Coffee Cake 

A Sagittarius is an idealistic person. They chase the opposite of truth, knowing that it tends to hurt others and favour an ideal world that just allows us all to do what we want. 

A coffee cake does the same thing. Even people who don't like coffee do like coffee cake. ☕

Pisces: Devil's Food Cake 

Pisces tends to be fearful and what's more fearful than the extra padding you'll sprout from wolfing down an entire fudgy chocolate cake? 

They're also very trusting of others, and with chocolate being such a classic flavour you'd find it hard not to trust in it, too. 👍

Taurus: Christmas Pudding 

Uncompromising and very possessive. 

A Taurus is the kind of person who will hold onto their Christmas pudding well into the New Year. They know no one will eat it, but it's theirs. No more need be said. 😏

Leo: Lemon Drizzle 

A Leo's arrogance can hit as hard as the tart of a citrus peel. 🍋

Being a lemon drizzle and only being able to choose from lemon, lime and orange is where they get stuck in their inflexibility. But mix and match and you're well on the way to making the best of friends. 

Virgo: Strawberry Shortcake 

The Virgo mind worries a lot. 😔

As does a baker when crafting a strawberry shortcake. Will it turn out okay? Is the icing balanced? A Virgo will only know once a slice is cut. And you know their shyness won't hold them back from devouring it all in one go. 

Do you believe in the Cake Gods?

All a bit of fun, as cake is always meant to be. What's your cake sign? Tell us in the comments!

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