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Whatcha Packin': A foodie's guide to packing for beach days in Malta 🏖️

Whatcha Packin': A foodie's guide to packing for beach days in Malta 🏖️

The scorching sun, the sound of the crashing waves, the refreshing sea - all of these things can make for a great beach day, but what is a beach day without your favourite snacks? 🤷

I still remember my childhood days, running up from the sea to look for my parents and ask them if I could have my food, my face still dripping with seawater. I'm not the biggest beach fan now, but hey, how can I say no to a day of doing nothing and food? If you're planning a beach day any time soon, here's what you can pack to keep your cravings satisfied: 😌

Homemade dips and crackers

Why homemade, you ask? Because summer is all about freshness and homemade dips are the freshest of them all. Basil dip, tzatziki or beetroot dip are all super refreshing and perfect for a day at the beach. 😍

Ftira biz-zejt

The ultimate classic. Any Maltese person knows that a ftira biz-zejt is probably the best thing you can eat when you're at the beach. A fresh ftira filled with tuna, fresh tomatoes, olives, capers, onions and a good dollop of extra virgin olive oil is the perfect snack anywhere in the Maltese islands - mix it up a little and prep some of your tuna sammies, French Affaire style - in a freshly baked baguette! 🤤

Pasta salad

There’s something about cold pasta on a hot day that is just the perfect summer combo, especially when it’s mixed with some of summer’s freshest veggies. Add some sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, radishes, fresh peppers, feta cheese and drizzle with olive oil, your favourite dressing, or even some mayo. Don’t be afraid to add fruit like grated apples, grapes, or mango for that added freshness. 👌

Cold sandwiches

Sometimes simplicity is everything, right? Some good ol’ classic sandwiches are just amazing for a beach day. Some good combos include tuna, raw onions, cucumbers and mayo, sliced turkey, lettuce and dijon mustard, or even mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. If you're in a rush (read: feeling lazy), get your fix from Bites & Beans. 🥪

Pita bread

If you want to level up your sandwich game, trade your sliced bread for pita bread. My perfect go-to pita is filled with shredded chicken, lettuce, cucumbers and some tzatziki - a new level of freshness! Swap the chicken for falafel if you want a meat-free version. 🥙

Refreshing wraps

Wraps are the best option if you want to go for a lighter alternative to sandwiches or pita. The best thing about them is that you can fill them with literally anything you want and they’ll hold everything perfectly together. They can be as simple as a mix of fresh veggies, or chicken, lettuce and mayo, or even a little more ‘complicated’ with a fresh breakfast burrito. 🌯

Watermelon and melon slices

I mean, you need something for dessert, right? And these babies are an absolute classic during Maltese summers. You’ll find them anywhere; at home, at barbecues, at dinners, so why not take them with you for a beach day too? If you want to make them extra refreshing, turn them into slushies just by freezing cubes of the fruit and pureeing them or make them into ice lollies! 🍉

Fruit kebabs

Want to have a bigger variety of fruit for your beach day? Problem solved. Cut up your favourites and make them into fruit kebabs - the perfect cold snack while you’re on the beach. You can always take ice-cream with you as dessert, but fruit seems like a much easier option that is less likely to melt. 🥝

Whatever you choose, the most important thing you need for your beach day is a cooler to keep your food fresh. When the sun is too hot to handle, refreshing food will always save the day. And PLEASE do not litter! Let everyone enjoy their killer beach day. 🏖️

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