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Wanna chill on Independence Day in Malta? Here’s what you can do 😎

Wanna chill on Independence Day in Malta? Here’s what you can do 😎

Malta, it’s time for another midweek public holiday! It’s finally time to relax… Unless you still have to work. 👀

But if you don’t, it means you have a day where you can chill out and do whatever you like! Here’s what our idea of chilling on a public holiday looks like:

Go for a walk and stop for Dr Juice after

Yes, going for a walk can be super relaxing, especially if your end goal is Dr Juice! The Sliema front is a beautiful spot for a walk, and then you can stop by Dr Juice at The Plaza. Whether your choice is a refreshing juice, a quick snack, or a delicious meal, it’s the perfect way to refuel after your walk. 💪

Grab some sushi takeout and chill by the sea

What could be more refreshing than sushi and the smell of salty seawater? This week also marks the start of autumn, so you might not be able to chill by the sea for much longer! 🌊

Have a quick barbeque

Speaking of not being able to chill by the sea for much longer… barbeque season is almost over too! So while you’re still in time, grab your favourite BBQ foods and have a quick grilling sesh. Nothing fancy; maybe some sausages and burgers, and you’re good to go! 🍔

Which type of person are you?

Bake a cake

The smell of freshly baked cake just gives me all the good feels. It’s comforting, it’s calming, and it means that something delicious is about to come out of the oven. Even if it’s just a boxed cake mix, it will make you feel so relaxed! 🍰

Go for ice cream

That’s it. Just go to one of Malta’s famous ice cream trucks, pick out your favourite flavour and savour every bite. Even if you have things to do this public holiday, going for ice cream will not take up too much of your time. 🍦

Get takeout for lunch and watch your favourite TV series

If you can take a day just for lazying around, I really suggest that you do it. It’s a great way to recharge, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Don’t feel guilty about it! Lay down on your sofa, indulge in your favourite food, watch your favourite series or movie, and just enjoy your day. 😍

What will you be doing this public holiday? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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