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What happens when Inserv meets SPAR? We make pasta in EcoCanny dishes 🍝

What happens when Inserv meets SPAR? We make pasta in EcoCanny dishes 🍝

We all love a good cook off eve, now don’t we? But we all hate doing the washing up after, no matter how simple or one-dish-based our recipe is. And now that summer’s well into full gear, and local COVID restrictions are easing slowly, we all know that family BBQs, pot-lucks with friends and lazy days by the pool will soon take over and dominate our weekends. So why not make it simpler? 👍

We know what you’re thinking… “but what about the turtles?”, all that plastic waste in one-time use cooking trays and dishes will give our oceans a massive setback that no sane human wants to contribute to. Well, what if we told you that Inserv have a splendid range of eco-friendly trays and dishes made out of sugar cane that are 100% compostable. ♻️

EcoCanny compostable dishes found at Inserv Malta and SPAR

The ecoCanny range in all its glory.

That’s great right? They’ve got a huge selection of pizza trays, deep dishes and dining plates for special occasions and everyday use. They go by the name ecoCanny and are widely available in Malta and Gozo for that heightened level of sustainability when your traditional kitchenware seems too much to handle. 🍽️

EcoCanny compostable baking dish at Inserv Malta and SPAR

How about a compostable dish to avoid all that washing up?

So in order to showcase the super ecoCanny range, we teamed up with SPAR to get you all the food goods you need to make your very own homemade pasta dishes. They’re simple, they’re quick and there’s easily prepared in Inserv’s ecoCanny deep dishes, to keep your washing up to a minimum.

FoodBlog’s own Andrew and Justin took it upon themselves to pop on their home cook hats and transform a few simple ingredients from SPAR into pasta dishes, both easily stored and transported in an Inserv ecoCanny dish. 👨‍🍳

EcoCanny compostable supplies from Inserv Malta and SPAR

Here we go... we're all set with Inserv's ecoCanny range available at SPAR.

Andrew’s Beef Lasagne

With only a few SPAR ingredients in hand, Andrew set on the task of creating a simple Beef Lasagne. The SPAR products he used included:

  • Fresh pasta sheets
  • Ready mixed bolognese sauce
  • Bechamel
  • Parmigiano Reggiano 

Ingredients for lasagne from SPAR supermarket

Lasagne anyone?

Just like any other lasagne, this SPAR exclusive shopping list took the 4 traditional components, layered them all up to create a towering pasta dish - but with zero hassle and fuss. Not only because the SPAR ingredients are so easy to use and readily available, but also because Andrew simply layered it all up in an ecoCanny dish that took a quick trip to a preheated oven.

Homemade lasagne fresh out the oven

the final result... powered by SPAR and ecoCanny!

And about 20 minutes later, a quick lunch was served! 😋

Justin’s Cheesy Pasta

There’s no one on the planet who doesn’t like a cheesy plate of pasta, well, apart from the lactose intolerant folk and non-lovers of cheese. Have we ever told you how sorry we are about this? Cheese is life and opting out on it is such a big miss! 🧀

So Justin’s Cheesy Pasta dish, fuelled by SPAR ingredients consisted of these few products:

  • Fresh garganelli pasta
  • Parmigiano Reggiano 
  • Fresh Cream
  • Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Pepper

A quick boil of the garganelli, a sprinkle of parm, a dash of cream later, butter and seasoning sorted Justin out with a pasta dish easily transported in his ecoCanny dish. 😗👌

But Inserv’s ecoCanny range is not only here for all your past dreams, you can opt for so many other dishes when using their dishes as a mess-free solution. Here are some of our suggested dishes:

  1. A simple Pizza Bianca with mozzarella di bufola and guanciale baked in an ecoCanny pizza tray and topped with toasted crushed pistachios and a drizzle of honey. Perfect for your next Netflix and chill binge with friends. 🍕
  2. A classic Layered Ratatouille with rounds of aubergine, marrow, a rich garlic, tomato and basil sauce, black olives and heaps of parmigiano to pack in the flavour. Ideally stored in an ecoCanny tray for your next Sunday trip to the in-laws. 🍅
  3. An Oven Baked Meagre, cooked al sale and served with roasted smashed potatoes in a fresh herby oil and a side of lightly grilled asparagus. Your best companion after a long day at the office; all prepped in your trusty ecoCanny trays. 🐟
  4. A homemade Chicken and Mushroom Pie, with a creamy filling and the crunchiest of crusty fits perfectly in the ecoCanny round dishes and makes for the most thoughtful gift for all those who are still keeping their distance indoors. #StaySafe 🥧
  5. A fresh and fragrant Spiced Chickpea and Beetroot Hummus packed away in a smaller ecoCanny dish bringing earthy roasted chickpeas, purple-powered beetroot and a whole lot of spice to a cool day picnic. Ohh, and don't forget to pack those ecoCanny plates and cutlery packs too, and if you're feeling fancy an eco-friendly tablecloth might do the trick. 🧺
  6. A cool and refreshing Cucumber Mojito to keep all those electrolytes going while you roast away in the hot summer sun. Keep your standard mojito recipe, but add a drop of cucumber juice to help keep you perky... what to drink it out of? An ecoCanny compostable cup of course! 🍸

EcoCanny brand from Inserv Malta and SPAR supermarket

Get your hands on the environmentally friendly range of ecoCanny for a simple, yet conscious solution.

So there you have it, 4 more delicious dishes, with all ingredients easily found in the SPAR outlets scattered across our island, even InterSPAR Hamrun - all free from fuss, stress and that dreaded washing up, thanks to ecoCanny and their selective range of goods. 👌

We bet we know exactly what you’ll be after next time you need a lazy-day solution. Choose Inserv’s ecoCanny for an environmentally friendly option in this hectic 21st century world! 🌳

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