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Top 13 Coolest Food Tattoos by Local and Foreign Artists 😎

Top 13 Coolest Food Tattoos by Local and Foreign Artists 😎

Here’s one for all you foodies who are also tattoo lovers out there! I was going through social media platforms looking for some inspo for myself, and I want to share my favourite foodie tattoos with you, including some from Malta-based tattoo artists, so here goes! ✌️

A simple one for the chefs

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

A bigger one for the garlic fanatics

…you can never put too much garlic in your dish. πŸ§„

My life motto

One for the ramen lovers

A little pizza my heart

This one’s by local tattoo artist Edgar Farrugia. πŸ™Œ

Or this tiny slice

Cheese pull included. πŸ•ο»Ώ

Poll: Do you have a food tattoo?

Avocado say, this one’s cute

Calling all pasta people

Kudos to local artist Blanka Bartosova, aka @badlystuffedanimal. πŸ‘

For a farm-to-fork concept

This beautiful-looking giant burger

ο»ΏMaybe don’t include that little toilet combo below it… πŸ‘€

Or this good looking one

ο»ΏAnd finally, one for the steak aficionados

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