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The Ultimate FoodBlog Bucket List: December 🎄

The Ultimate FoodBlog Bucket List: December 🎄

This is officially the last FoodBlog Bucket List for the year 2022! We’ve made it through another year, folks. Another year of good food, new restaurants, and some amazing recipes, not just in Malta, but throughout the world. 👌

December - here we come! Here’s a list of things you can do for the last month of 2022. 😎

Make some Christmas treats

It is officially holiday season! Nobody can tell you it’s too early to start decorating, listen to Christmas music, or have some holiday spirit. So get your apron ready and get your hands dirty! 👩‍🍳

Coconut balls, Christmas log, mince pies, Christmas cookies, gingerbread men, Christmas cake - whatever it is you fancy, it’s time to make it! 😋

Check out Marilu’s

I visited this spot in Siggiewi back in November and I just fell in love with the whole vibe. Marilu’s is a small, homey restaurant that is absolutely gorgeous. The interiors are absolutely unique and there’s even a nice area where you can have enough privacy to work or have a small meeting - with food of course! 😍

The food is authentic and you can tell that it’s made with so much love. It’s delicious! 🤤

Find a spot for Early Christmas Breakfast

This is one of my favourite things to do. After the clock strikes midnight, some restaurants may have a special early Christmas Breakfast (as early as 1 AM or 2 AM), which is usually ideal for people who go to midnight mass. 🍳

But even if you’re just having a family gathering on Christmas eve and waiting for midnight to open the presents, or you’re just out celebrating your own way, Early Christmas Breakfast is super fun! 🤩

Plan this month’s public holidays

Yes! We have two public holidays this month (apart from Christmas, obviously) and they are both falling on weekdays. So if you’re lucky enough to be off during these public holidays, make sure to get the most out of them. 😏

Go for a nice lunch, catch up with an old friend for a coffee, finish up your Christmas shopping (not just presents, but grocery shopping for Christmas day too!), or maybe get your favourite takeout and wind down. 😌

Host Christmas Day lunch

It might be just me, but I love hosting. I enjoy cooking for other people and I love that wholesome feeling of welcoming people for lunch or dinner. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction to see people leaving happy with their stomachs full of good food that you made! 🥰

If you’re the kind of person who likes to host, plan a nice Christmas lunch for your loved ones. Start with some snacks, like a nice charcuterie board, followed by a soul-warming appetiser, like a baked brie with cranberry sauce or pumpkin soup, a comforting main dish, like stuffed turkey or chicken roulade, and a delicious dessert, like a gooey chocolate brownie or lava cake. Or just find a home chef with a Christmas menu and get everything prepared and delivered! 🍲

Make a list of things you were grateful for this year

This might not exactly be food related, but the world can be a scary place sometimes, and it’s nice to stop for a minute and think. Time is rushing by and we need to appreciate every waking moment of it before it’s too late. ✌️

So to mark the end of 2022, make a list of the things that you’re grateful for so that you can go back to them and remember them in the future. List the things that you might not have been so grateful for too so that you can remember what you have overcome. 💪

Do you have any special plans to end this year with a bang? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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