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Sandwich Day: Check out these spots for killer sandwiches in Malta! 🥪

Sandwich Day: Check out these spots for killer sandwiches in Malta! 🥪

Happy Sandwich Day! One of my favourite foods is being celebrated today. It’s the perfect thing to eat for any time of day and for any level of hunger; whether you’re just a little peckish or super hangry, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. 👌

Sandwiches are the best! There are so many different types of bread and so many different fillings to choose from. If you’re looking for a killer sandwich spot in Malta, check out one of these:


This place is definitely one of our favourite spots for an awesome sandwich in Malta. If you’ve seen Grano’s sandwiches, you’ll instantly know why! They’re not shy with the filling and any one of their sandwiches is stunningly delicious. 🤤


The OG of sandwich spots! Subway has been around for ages and it’s one of those sandwich places that allows you to customise your sandwich to your liking. This classic is loved by absolutely everyone. 😍


These guys are fairly new to the island, but they’ve made quite the name for themselves. Abrazo has been highly praised for its awesome bread and overall incredible sandwiches! You can pair your sandwich with one of their nice juices too. 😎

How much do you love sandwiches?

The Submarine

Not the yellow one, but the sandwich one. The Submarine in Valletta makes some nicely packed breads that will definitely satisfy your sandwich cravings! 🥪

Hungry Horse

And boy will you be a hungry horse when you see these sandwiches! Serving some incredible sandwiches, Hungry Horse is located in St. Julian’s and should definitely be on your list of must-tries! 😋


Want a sandwich with incredibly delicious smoked goodness? EAT should be your go-to food truck for that. This spot serves such amazing food, that once you try it, you will want to keep going back for more. 🤩

Where will you be celebrating Sandwich Day in Malta? Will you be visiting any one of the above spots? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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