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Red vs White Wine: what’s the difference? 🍷

Red vs White Wine: what’s the difference? 🍷

A glass of red or a glass of white - we’ve all got our preference. Whether it’s a smooth, bold, full-bodied red wine on a cosy winter evening or a sharp, chilled glass of white at a Summery lunch, the pleasures of both wines are immense. Let’s take a look at what makes them different to one another. 🤔

Grapes worth the squeeze 

Essentially, the difference between red and white wine comes down to one thing - the grapes! Red wines are made from black grapes and white wines, green grapes. Something to note is that red wines are made using the skin and seeds, whilst white wines are not! So we could say that all the colour of red wine is derived from the grape skin and seeds. 🍇

It’s all in the method

Red wine is made differently to white in that it is oxidised in oak barrels which increase oxygen in the wine. This takes the wine from fruity and floral notes to rich, smooth, nutty flavours more commonly found in red wines. To keep white wines having their floral and fruity notes, winemakers use stainless steel tanks which reduces exposure to oxygen. 😮

What's your go-to?

Rosé all-day 

Ah yes, the white girl brunch favourite tipple of choice. Rosé wine is made using the skin and seeds of the grape as in red wine, however, they are discarded early on in the fermentation process. This is different to red wine where the fermentation takes place entirely with the skin and seeds of the grape. The longer the seeds and skin are in contact with the grape juice, the darker and more intense the colour of the wine.

An occasion for red or white

So there you have it, the basic differences between red and white wine. We all have our preferences, so which is yours? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to tag us the next time you raise a glass! Cheers! 

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