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Grab your bud: Here’s what you can do on Eat With A Friend Day! 🥰

Grab your bud: Here’s what you can do on Eat With A Friend Day! 🥰

Did you know that ‘Eat With A Friend Day’ existed? Well, it’s today! So it’s time to appreciate two of the best things in life: friends and food. 😎

If you’re looking for some fun ways to celebrate this day with your favourite bud, check out some ideas we had in mind! 👇

Cook something together

Nothing says bonding time like cooking a nice dish together. Find something that you both love, find a good recipe for it, and cook up a storm. The best thing about this is that you both get to enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards! 😍

Go for a special lunch or dinner

This depends on the kind of people you are. If you like the ‘fancy’ kind of lunches or dinners, you can book a table at a fine dining restaurant and kick things up a notch. If you’re more on the chill side, find one of your favourite restaurants where you can enjoy a feast of food and spend some quality time together! 😋

Will you celebrate Eat With A Friend Day?

Get Indian take-out and hang out

Indian food is the best sharing food. You can share both starters and main dishes, and the food is super comforting - perfect for this time of year! One of our favourite spots for Indian take-out is The Tiffin Box at The Plaza Food Hall. 🤤

Make their lunch for the day

Sometimes preparing lunch for work can be the last thing on someone’s mind, so making it for your friend can really brighten up their day! If you happen to work at the same place, make sure you eat together on the day. 🤩

Go over to their house with a food delivery

Food deliveries are the best! Especially when they’re delivered by a close friend. Order your friend’s favourite food, or better yet, make it yourself, and deliver it to their house. That’s dinner sorted and one less thing to worry about for them! 😏

Tag your besties in the comments! 🥰

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