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Global Eats: Pasta Dishes of the World 🍝

Global Eats: Pasta Dishes of the World 🍝

It’s time for our favourite combo again: food and travel! This time, it’s one of the world’s most loved meals too. Pasta dishes are the perfect carb-loaded comfort food and this is not just for us Maltese, either. Let’s have a look at the world’s favourite pasta dishes! 🌍

Malta: Spaghetti with Rabbit Stew

We’ll start with our very own. Our national dish obviously includes pasta, because we can never get enough carbs, can we? Timpana is also a staple pasta dish in Malta, being a literal pasta pie, but slow-cooked rabbit in a rich, tomato-ey stew served on top of (or mixed with) spaghetti is one of Malta’s top meals! 🍝

Italy: Carbonara

The second one is one of my all-time favourites. Yes, this may be what everyone’s talking about right now, but the thing is, very few restaurants get this right! The actual carbonara uses guanciale, egg yolk, Pecorino Romano and freshly-cracked black pepper. Don’t worry, the eggs will not be raw. A small addition of pasta water will help to temper the eggs and make them safe to consume. 👌

Greece: Giouvetsi

This hearty dish is made in just one pot, so it’s a real life-saver when you don’t feel like washing a lot of dishes. It’s made from tomato-braised veal (sometimes other meat is used) and pasta and baked in an oven. Traditionally, giouvetsi is made with two types of pasta: hilopites and kritharaki. The tomato sauce is made extra-flavourful with bay leaves, cloves, allspice, cinnamon and red wine. 🍷

Have you ever tried an unpopular foreign pasta dish?

Switzerland: Alplermagronen

Alplermagronen can be deemed as the Swiss version of mac and cheese. The pasta used is hornli, which is similar to macaroni, and it is mixed with potatoes, onions and cheese. Some other variations of the recipe may also include cream and bacon. Doesn’t it sound delicious? 🤤

Croatia: Surlice sa skampima

Surlice is the name of the type of pasta that is used in this dish, which is long (longer than penne but shorter than spaghetti) and tubular in shape. The sauce is tomato-based, including garlic, onions, scampi, stock and white wine. Refreshing stuff! 😍

Belarus: Lazanki

The first thing that came to mind when I read the name of this pasta dish was lasagne and the type of pasta used in this dish does resemble lasagne sheets a little. The dough is flattened like lasagne, but it is smaller in size and can be cut into squares or triangles. It is also made from buckwheat, wheat, or rye flour. To make the dish, the boiled pasta is usually combined with lard and onions, but it is also sometimes elevated with the addition of cabbage, sour cream or meat. ✌️

Have you got any other pasta dishes from around the globe that you would like us to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below and we could feature them in our next post! 😎

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