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Foreign dishes we need to have in Malta 🤤🌍

Foreign dishes we need to have in Malta 🤤🌍

One of the many reasons I love travelling is, of course, food. Exploring new cuisines and new flavours gives me life! Some foods are so incredible that they leave an impact and you find yourself craving them when you’re back in Malta. 🤩

I’ve asked some of my friends to help me out with this one, so it’s not just one opinion here. But these are some of the foreign dishes that I think we NEED to have in Malta:

Frikandel Speciaal

And every single Dutch street food for me, please. I fell in love with Dutch street food the first time I visited the Netherlands, but this is probably one of the most popular ones. You cannot visit the Netherlands without trying a Frikandel Speciaal! ✌️

It’s a kind of sausage that is made from a mixture of different meats, topped with mayonnaise, curry sauce and chopped onions, and it’s super yummy. 😍


Fries topped with cheese curds and gravy? Yes, please! This Canadian dish is the ultimate comfort food. It originated in Quebec in the late 1950s and is loved all over Canada. 🍟

It’s quite simple and I’m pretty sure it can be made at home, but it just won’t be the same! 😩


This national dish from South Africa is a casserole-style dish that is rich and hearty. Bobotie is made with ground beef seasoned with curry and a number of other spices, mixed with bread pieces soaked in milk, and topped with a creamy mixture. 🤤

It’s super flavourful and comforting, so we definitely need a restaurant that makes this! And maybe Malva Pudding for dessert. 🤭

US-style Deli Sandwiches

When I say US-style sandwiches, I mean those glorious sandwiches with thick slices of bread and a tower of deli goodness in between. We’ve seen these in movies and we see them on socials, but will we ever see them in Malta? Look at this bad boy! 😱

Pasteis de Carne

We’ve got the sweet version in Malta (Pasteis de Nata), but we don’t seem to have the savoury ones yet. Pasteis de Carne are delicious Portuguese pastries filled with meat and someone needs to bring them to this island ASAP! 👀

Which dishes have you tried from overseas that you really wish we had in Malta? Share your favourite ones in the comments! 👇

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