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FoodBlog’s This or That: Junk Food Day edition! 🍔

FoodBlog’s This or That: Junk Food Day edition! 🍔

Tomorrow's Junk Food Day! We all love our fair share of junk food every now and then. It might not be very healthy, but you can’t deny that it’s delicious. We’ve got quite a number of spots for junk food in Malta, from pizza, burgers, pastizzi to chicken wings, fries and nuggets - you name it! 🤤

But which one is your favourite? Are you ready to make some tough choices? 👀

Pizza vs Burger

Regular pizza vs. Pizza tal-pastizzi

Beef Burger vs Chicken Burger

Burger vs. Hot Dog

Ice-cream vs. Cake

Pastizzi vs. Qassatat

Chicken wings vs. Pastizzi

Fries vs. Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets vs. Chicken wings

Doughnuts vs. Ice-cream

How did you handle that? Tag someone who needs to try this in the comments! 👇

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