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FoodBlog Hacks: Fridge Tips to save your Leftovers 👍

FoodBlog Hacks: Fridge Tips to save your Leftovers 👍

Food prep is super convenient, and leftovers are great and all, but you know that chicken wing you left on a plate in the fridge last week? Yeah, you probably shouldn’t eat that. 🤮

Imma how will I know it’s still safe to eat my leftovers? I don’t want food poisoning maaaaa!

Well, we’ve got a few basic guidelines for you to follow to take you from messy fridge failure to #fridgegoals guru where food organisation will stop that salmonella right in its tracks! ✅

When to throw it out?

For starters - ALWAYS keep leftovers in the fridge, never on the countertop! Room temperature is where bacteria thrive, especially during the summertime! 🦠

The general rule of thumb is that cooked foods, including meat, chicken, eggs, pasta, pizza, soups and stews should be thrown out after 4 days. For quality purposes - we recommend you stick to 3 days. If you can’t eat the food by then, freeze it! ❄️

FoodBlog Food Myth: Frozen foods are indefinitely safe. Even frozen meats and veggies have a shelf life.If in doubt, compost the odd stuff - but do your best not to let it get to that stage. Waste not want not, friends! ♻️

How to store it in the fridge 

Always keep leftovers or foods you’ve opened already packaged in a zip-lock bag, in a sealed container, or just a covered bowl/plate. 🍱

Believe it or not, your fridge has shelves for a reason. Ready-to-eat foods should be stored at the top of the fridge, whereas raw meat, poultry and fish should be stored on a lower shelf to avoid cross-contamination. At the very bottom is your salad, fruit and vegetable drawer - make sure to wash these well before use! 🧽

Keep your food clean 

Food hygiene is an often neglected but super-important factor for health. Make sure your fridge is always at a temp between 0-5 degrees Celsius to avoid the multiplication of bacteria. 😷

Also, many people don’t know the difference between a use-by and best-before date. Use-by dates signal that you definitely shouldn’t consume that item past its date, whereas best-before dates are just a matter of maximal food quality. It’s super important to stick to these dates for throwing out daily fresh produce like eggs, bread and milk. 🥛

This is probably a given, but if your food gets mouldy - it also belongs in the trash. 👋

Those are our top tips for food hygiene! Let us know if you have any more useful tricks in the comments👇🏼

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