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Are you an ice cream lover? Here are some crazy ice creams flavours 🍦

Are you an ice cream lover? Here are some crazy ice creams flavours 🍦

Ice cream in summer… it just hits differently. The addictive feeling of cool sweet creaminess hitting your tastebuds whilst the Celsius rises to 40 and the heat outside is absolutely sizzling. But can it have the same effect in the cooler months? 🤔

For the love of Ice cream

Why do people love ice cream so much? There are so many reasons. The treat is a dangerous and decadent combination of the perfect ratios of fat and sugar, which meld together to light up all of the pleasure centres in our bodies and brains... ding ding ding jackpot! Endorphin party happening with each delightful mouthful. Ice cream also harks back to our childhood days, so it evokes a nostalgia unrivalled by any other snack.

Oh happy, trouble-free days of youth! How we long for your uncomplicated ways. 😌

Ice cream in some form has been around since ancient times - there is evidence of it being enjoyed in China around 200BC, and the widely accepted theory is that it was brought back to Italy from China by Marco Polo. Flavours at those times were usually pretty basic, using some kind of dairy cream or buffalo milk, camphor, and fruit flavours. 

We’ve certainly come a long way from there. In 2020 the range of flavours available, from traditional to popular vanilla, through to a little more unusual desserts, all the way to outright experimental and off-the-wall flavours - scoop or two of balsamic vinegar or lavender, anyone? 🤯

Ice cream flavours around the island

Malta is no stranger to some exotic and avant-garde flavour profiles of ice creams. Pjazza Gelateria is a family-run local business run by Ice Cream Master Miguel Gatt, who studied gastronomy in California and brought back some exciting and innovative flavours to his home island. 👏

Would you try these crazy ice cream flavours ?

The most recent additions to his wacky menu of flavours are some aperitivo based sorbets, packed with sparkling alcoholic flavours and they're completely vegan! Incidentally, Pjazza Gelateria cater widely to their vegan customers with some other flavours including Pistachio and Bacio, to be enjoyed in their 100% vegan-certified waffle cones. This summer's Aperol Spritz and Cisk Excel sorbets were a refreshing addition to the other decadent flavours on offer - Nutella, Coconut and Salted Caramel - yes, please! 🍨

Over the years Miguel has been creative with attention-attracting ice creams such as the infamous Hobz Tal-Malti, Imqaret, Panettone or Pastizzi. Perhaps a scoop of Red Bull is more your kind of thing? 

A personal favourite of mine is the Marsaxlokk mainstay Tartarun, who specialise in fish and their delicious fish snacks (tapas-style fish dishes). However, the piece de resistance, in my opinion, is the Helwa tat-Tork ice cream which graces their dessert menu. The home-churned sweet, smooth, sesame delight pays homage to Malta’s rich historical background and the flavours that come alongside it. Not too heavy but full of creamy rich tahini flavour… the perfect way to end a delicious fish lunch in the colourful fishing village!

It’s hard to go for a basic vanilla scoop when such exciting options are available to you, although of course as with most things in life, the classics do have their place on a gelato menu even amongst the most creatives of choices.

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