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Check out some reasons why you need to have Lamb Brand in your life 😎

Check out some reasons why you need to have Lamb Brand in your life 😎

When food is combined with freshness and convenience, you’re left with an overall feeling of satisfaction. This is what you get with every Lamb Brand product. This Maltese brand has made a name for itself over the years - and for good reason. There are many things that make Lamb Brand products so great and, just in case for some strange reason, you haven’t tried Lamb Brand yet, we’re here to tell you why you need to. 👇

Their herbs and spices are unlike any other

Lamb Brand offer a super extensive range of herbs and spices. They were pioneers in packaging pepper in 1931, but nowadays, they have a selection of more than 100 different herbs, spices, seasonings and peppers! The way they package them is also a big plus since this helps to maintain the freshness of the product. They don’t just put a cap on the bottle and that’s it; they have a double-sealed lid that keeps the flavour of the herbs and spices from getting compromised and makes shopping for these products easier and more hygienic (no one can open them up at the supermarket to give them a quick sniff 👀).

One of my favourite things about Lamb Brand is that you can find their products in almost EVERY supermarket and mini-market on the Maltese islands, so they’re super easy to find! Plus, they have always strived to improve their packaging and labelling in a creative way while keeping their product in mind, so we’re excited to see what they come up with in the future! 😏

You’re rewarded for buying their products

Isn’t this AMAZING? Lamb Brand have an awesome loyalty scheme - the Cook & Exchange Gift Scheme - in which you can collect the proof of purchase found on each one of their packages and then exchange them for some really cool products. 😍

For instance, if you collect 70 packages, you can exchange them for a set of 5 bowls with lids, if you collect 150 packages, you can get a 7-piece BBQ apron and if you collect 500 packages, you can get a complete 18 piece dinner set! This is not all, by the way. There are A LOT more products that you can get! 😎

Have you ever used Lamb Brand products?

You can get food that you can make in a few minutes

Couscous that can be ready in a minute, mashed potato and polenta that take 5 minutes to whip up, 4 different types of quinoa that can easily be plated in 12 minutes, and even flour mixes that can help you make the best bread by just adding water - these are just a few of the quick and easy to use stuff that Lamb Brand have. 🤩

Products like the couscous and quinoa packs even come in small packages so you can portion correctly. No more cooking for an entire fleet! You also have the choice of plain couscous, so you can add your own flavour to it, or flavoured couscous for those days when you need something quick and delicious. 😋

My favourite Lamb Brand product has to be the pizza flour, however. Firstly, you can choose from the Ristorante Pizza Mix or the Deep Pan Pizza Mix, and secondly, all you need to do is add oil and water and you’ll get the best homemade pizza dough you’ve ever made. They’ve also recently launched bread flour - one for soft bread and one for crunchy bread (hobz tal-Malti style!). I mean, bakery-style bread that you can make by just adding water, letting it rise, and baking it? How easier can homemade get? 🤷

Packages come with recipes

That’s right! If you don’t know how to use one of their products, most of them come with a different recipe on each package. Whether you’re out of ideas, lacking inspiration, using a completely new product, or just need some help in amping up your dish, each Lamb Brand package will give you a recipe to try out. 💪

Lamb Brand have SO many different things to choose from, whether it’s seeds, dried fruits, nuts, rice, flours, seasonings, confectionery items - anything your kitchen needs! Let us know your favourite Lamb Brand product in the comments below. We’re also partnering up with Lamb Brand for an upcoming project that is super exciting, so keep an eye out for some cool stuff! ✌️

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