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7 Tasty Meals That Will Freshen You Right Up 😎

7 Tasty Meals That Will Freshen You Right Up 😎

The biggest problem that comes with summer in Malta, except for the scorching heat, is choosing what to cook. You might not feel like certain warm foods when you're trying to cope with the warm weather. You might not have the biggest appetite either. So here are some ideas for refreshing meals that are still delicious: 😋

Poke Bowls

These super refreshing bowls of deliciousness are perfect for the hot summer days. Poke bowls are also very healthy, so it's a win-win! They are quite easy to make too. All you need is raw fish (like tuna or salmon), rice, diced up veggies, a mix of soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey and sesame oil to 'marinate' the tuna, and maybe something to top it all off, like a spicy sauce. 🌶️

Pasta Salad

Cold pasta is one of the best things about summer. Mix it up with some of your favourite veggies, add a vinaigrette or some mayo and you're all set! If you grew up in Malta, you know that the classic mix is tuna, sweet corn, diced tomatoes, olives, and either olive oil or mayo, depending on how healthy you want to be. You can also switch the pasta for rice or quinoa if you'd like. 😍

Amped-up Salads

We're not talking about just lettuce and tomatoes here. To make salads even more refreshing, add cold fruit, like grapes, mangos, peaches or apple slices. Switch up the lettuce for other leafy greens, like spinach, cabbage, kale, or watercress. Add some quinoa or bulgur wheat to make it more interesting and enjoy! 🥗

Maltese-style Plate

One of the most refreshing meals you can have in the summer in Malta is a mix of all things Maltese: bigilla, sundried tomatoes, fava beans, some tuna, Maltese bread and some good gbejniet friski. Doesn't that sound just fabulous? 🤤


I know wraps might sound basic, but with the right ingredients and not toasted, they can be a very refreshing meal. Think shredded chicken, lettuce and mayo, or tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, or even a mix of your favourite cold veggies. Plus, there are so many varieties of wraps to choose from, be it spinach flavoured, sweet potato flavoured and even sundried tomato flavoured! 🌯

What do you prefer to do in the summer?

Fish and seafood

Summer is all about the sea, so fish and seafood are bound to make you think of the cool waters and the summery breeze. Whether it's fresh cod, smoked salmon, a delicious bowl of seafood, spaghetti marinara, sushi, fish cakes or octopus in garlic, fishy meals will freshen you right up. 🐠


Skewers make me think of barbeques and barbeques make me think of summer. Grilled chicken skewers with some fresh peppers are a staple barbeque food but you can also make Italian-style skewers with mini mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes. Serve them with some salad, veggies or even a side of rice. 🍚

Do you have any other refreshing meals that you love to make to beat the heat in summer? Let us know by sending us your photos and recipes! 📸

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