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10 Kitchen Gadgets to make your Life a Whole lot Easier 🧑‍🍳

10 Kitchen Gadgets to make your Life a Whole lot Easier 🧑‍🍳

Whether you’re a novice home cook or a complete newbie, these 10 gadgets will make your cooking time a whole lot more enjoyable and also make your kitchen a lot more colourful! Check out this top 10 list: 

Square pan

For all those who like everything to be flawless, this is actually a life saver for getting your fried eggs and omelets to fit perfectly into your sandwich. It’s also a great tool for making egg rolls, or anything stuffed that needs to be cooked at the same time as it permits easy rolling and flipping. 🍳

3-in-1 Avocado slicer 

Slicing avocados is just really, really hard. I’m not sure why nature decided to burden us like that; but fear not, as this slicer will help you overcome your fear of stabbing yourself in the name of avocados. Open, pit and slice in just three swift movements. 🥑

Corn on the cob stripper 

Getting the kernels off your corn-on-the-cob is a difficult, messy and rather dangerous task, and you often end up with lots of waste. This tool is perfect for getting every single piece of corn out stress-free, and you can even use it after you’ve grilled your corn on the BBQ as a great addition to summery salads. 🌽

Watermelon cuber 

This is another summer must-have, especially for those family barbecues where nobody bothered to make dessert. Instead of spending 15 minutes cutting up a watermelon, getting juice everywhere and lots of uneven pieces, just slice the melon into quarters and use a cuber for ready-to-serve chunks which are way more enjoyable to eat. 🍉

Egg Yolk separator 

The sad reality of life is that most of us have not gotten the hang of separating eggs (I’ve barely gotten the hang of cracking them) and this tool comes in handy for getting it done without having to grossly use the shell to pick up your mess. Bonus point for this one, because it’s shaped like a cute chicken. 🥚

Butter curler

In the Maltese heat you suffer a constant dilemma: leave the butter out where it'll be soft but may go bad, or leave it in the fridge where it’ll be hard as a boulder? And yes, I know the answer to this is to take the butter out beforehand, but this is not something that comes to mind everytime you make toast. This knife scrapes off cold butter in a way that makes it super easy to spread, thus eliminating the frustration of spreading hard butter. 🧈

Squeezy bottle 

Not really a gadget, but rather a simple household item that can be upgraded using a little creativity. You’d be surprised how many uses there are for this thing - drizzling the perfect amount of olive oil, storing homemade vinaigrette, having a uniform and organized sauce pantry, making your plating fancier, making pancake art, icing baked goods and more. 🥞

Pizza wheel 

The pizza wheel is a cheap, simple and age-old invention that often goes unappreciated. The take here is that you can use it for way more than just pizza, as it’s a sharp and nifty tool to slice anything that’s doughy, crispy and full of toppings without destroying it. The quick and clean cut you get from one of these is just so satisfying. 🍕


This is another underrated piece of equipment that many people unfortunately choose to skip out on having in their kitchen. It’s a Sunday-lunch saver to avoid drying out that roast pork, ensures your chicken is safe to eat every time, and allows you to get your preferred cook when grilling a piece of steak. If you’re a more elite home chef, you might also want to invest in a deep-fry and candy thermometer, which will notify you when your oil or sugar has reached the correct temperature. 🌡️

Air fryer 

The air fryer is quite a recent invention and is getting all the attention on social media especially from the more health-conscious home cooks. It’s a super investment and can be used to prepare almost anything with a crisp outside, without the use of oils or butter. Now you can make the perfect fries from the comfort of your home! 🍟

There you have it, 10 fantastic gadgets to make your home cooking experience way easier and a lot more fun! 🤩

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