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Gourmet Fast Food stacks up a sweet Maltese Twist 🏆

Gourmet Fast Food stacks up a sweet Maltese Twist 🏆

Are you ready to give your sweet-tooth the bite of a lifetime?

Chef Stephen La Rosa stacks up all his skills, finesse and totally contagious charisma into Episode 5 of Gourmet Fast Food. With a luscious caramel-like sauce slapped atop the texture heaven that is this dessert-breakfast-hybrid, and a sprinkle of salt to help those flavour bombs pop explode!

Another trip to our Fino kitchen, using all the great products and equipment provided by our sponsors Crosscraft and Lamb Brand, Chef Stephen whips up a glorious bounty of nutty and fruity goodness! We’ll stop here and let you wonder!

What’s going to close the show?

Tune in on Thursday 30th at 15:00 for Episode 5 of Gourmet Fast Food on FoodBlog Network or catch Chef Stephen in action on Instagram or Facebook! 📺

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