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Gourmet Fast Food BONUS Episode heads on a crunch fest to Japan 🇯🇵

Gourmet Fast Food BONUS Episode heads on a crunch fest to Japan 🇯🇵

OK! Just one more episode... we just couldn't resist sharing this recipe! So get ready for an ultra-crisp episode with a spicy FoodBlog kick!

This might be the most obscure on the FoodBlog Network Gourmet Fast Food list, but hey, if Chef Stephen La Rosa wants to do it, all we foodies do is nod our heads and hold back the drool trickling down our chins. We’re off to Japan, with a fried smasher that you have definitely tried in some shape or form; but thanks to our Maltese Twist (and Chef Stephen’s stupid creativity), we’re sure you’ve never tried THIS! 😱

In our Fino kitchen, Chef Stephen grabs hold of all his Lamb Brand products, whips my absolute favourite cheat meal, bringing it to the perfect crisp in his Crosscraft pans! Perfectly paired with a saucy-dressing that adds umami and a whole lot of love to a simple yet ultra-freakin’-delicious dish! 👌

What’s next on the menu?

We’ve also slipped in our very own FoodBlog Store Hot Basco to spice things up a little and give you a Maltese Twist that screams, shouts and yells FoodBlog! Get ready for the heat with an aperitivo of the most stylish kind... Kinnie Spritz! Get the game into full gear on Thursday 14th October at 15:00, right here on FoodBlog Network or hop on over to Instagram or Facebook! 📺

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