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Gourmet Fast Food Episode 4 - a mashup of Italy and the USA’s classic 🧀

Gourmet Fast Food Episode 4 - a mashup of Italy and the USA’s classic 🧀

We’re sure a few of you on-the-ball foodies will figure out what slice of heaven we’ll be serving with this week’s episode - firstly because our teaser’s title this week is kind of a giveaway, but also because it’s about time this recipe made it into our Gourmet Fast Food show! 👨‍🍳

It’s time for Episode 4 with Chef Stephen La Rosa dishing it out deep in the Fino kitchen, rattling his Crosscraft pans and stirring up that #AwesomeSauce flavour that he always does! And thanks to our super-duper products sponsored by Lamb Brand, he’ll take FoodBlog Network into one of our favourite fast food genres of all time! 🤌

This is easily one of our favourite all-day-long snacks. There’s literally no wrong time to eat this next recipe that you are all about to fall in love with. Chef Stephen will undoubtedly be throwing in his Maltese Twist to make sure every bite is as FoodBlog-perfect as it should be! We all know the drill by now don’t we, just grab yourself a Cold 7-up, sit back and let the drool-fest begin? 🤤

What will we be cooking up next?

The only question is, can you wait for the next episode to drop? Well, it will hit your big screens, small screens and anything in between on Thursday 16th September at 15:00 right here on FoodBlog Network. Catch the next episode and all the rest of the series on Instagram and Facebook too! 📺

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