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Exclusive on Bolt Food: Time for a Christmas Pizza Party! 🍕

The boys will attempt to guess where the pizza/pinsa came from, try to guess some of the ingredients that they can taste & a few hilarious statements throughout

Exclusive on Bolt Food: Time for a Christmas Pizza Party! 🍕

Exclusive on Bolt Food: Time for a Christmas Pizza Party! 🍕

Here is our second episode of ‘Exclusive on Bolt Food’ where we have partnered up with Bolt Food to give you a brand new series that will keep your foodie life full of surprises! 😍

If you don’t have the Bolt Food app installed yet, click here if you’re an Android user, or click here if you’re an Apple device owner, and it will be on your phone in just a few clicks as that’s the only way you’re going to be able to dig into one of these beauties.

What’s this all about?

Exclusive on Bolt Food (or Bolty Food, as Pavel likes to call it) is a talk show, where we have teamed up with Bolt Food. In this week's episode Pavel and Marvin will try out some new pizzas for the first time ever from 3 local favorites: Prosciutteria, NomNom & Alice. These 3 pizzas will be exclusively available on the Bolt Food App. 🤩

The boys will attempt to guess where the pizza/pinsa came from, try to guess some of the ingredients that they can taste & a few hilarious statements throughout the video. Can’t wait? Just tap that play button at the top of this page! ☝️ In case you missed our last episode, check it out below!


We’re starting out with 4 iconic pizzas from 3 different locations that are available as of today on the Bolt Food App. Since Marvin and Pavel were taste-testing, they had absolutely no idea about anything (as you can tell within the video) but you guys are luckier & we’re kind enough to share the juice with you!

Pinsa Montesacro from Prosciutteria

To start off, we would like to introduce the ‘Pinsa Montesacro’ from Malta’s very first Pinseria, Prosciutteria located on the Gzira seafront – but that doesn’t matter today since you can ONLY get this pinsa through the Bolt Food application.

The pinsa consists of some stunning ingredients; Provola affumicata, mozzarella, pancetta coppata (Sorry Marvin, it’s not prosciutto but A for effort), pomodorini, rucola & will cost only 13 Euros

Pinsa Montesacro from Prosciutteria

Pinsa Montesacro from Prosciutteria

‘It’s beautiful, but it’s a square – not that I have anything against squares or anything’ – Pavel’s reaction to seeing the pizza was just right!

The boys both guessed incorrectly but loved every bite of this one. Now it’s our turn to give it a go and see for ourselves! 

Buongiorno Vita from NomNom

We welcome NomNom burger’s (From our first episode) sister to this episode - hello NomNom Pizza! We loved your Burger & were thrilled to have you onboard to showcase your pizza this time round.

Marvin opened the taste test stating the Buongiorno Vita was topped with ‘Mushroom & Walnuts, a great combination’ & how right he was, well done Marvin! Now that is what we like to call a good eye for detail. 

Buongiorno Vita from NomNom

Buongiorno Vita from NomNom

NomNom’s exclusive pizza’s ingredients are: Mozzarella Affumicata, Brie Cheese, Sauteed Mushrooms, Walnuts, Roasted Garlic Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Glaze & will cost a mere 12.95 Euros on the Bolt Food app.

The Bolt Food Exclusive burger is STILL available from NomNom on the Bolt Food app, so be sure to try it on your next order. Why not get the Buongiorno Vita pizza & Tikka Tikka Burger for the full #Exclusive experience?

The Mortadella & Broccoli Bufala Alici from Alice

Our third and final restaurant is the amazing ALICE pizzeria! Alice has their own unique way of serving their pizza, not round nor square (as per Pavel’s statement above) but rather rectangular in the shape of the much loved ‘Maxims’ slice we all love. 

Broccoli Bufala Alici  from Alice

Broccoli Bufala Alici from Alice

“I'm not sure whether this is Broccoli or Avocado” - said Pavel as he bit into the Broccoli Bufala Alici pizza. Now we all know that it was indeed broccoli and not avocado. This pizza consists of base mozzarella, Broccoli, Bufala, Alici and can be ordered in 3 size options; 1/4 tray for 8.40€, 1/2 tray for 15.80€, 1 tray for 26.30€ & no we don’t mean shooters, we mean pizza.

The Mortadella from Alice

The Mortadella from Alice

The second Alice pizza was the ‘Austrian Breakfast’ as per Pavel’s expert analysis. ThisThis time it was the Mortadella pizza which consists of base mozzarella, mortadella, rucola, bufala, pistachio.

This beauty is also available in 3 options: 1/4 tray 9€, 1/2 tray 16.80€, 1 tray 26.30€. What’s even better is that you can order a half of each to get a taste of both in one order, it’s that easy!

Would you try one of these Pizzas?

Pavel and Marvin failed to guess any correct pizzerias in this episode but the good news is they didn’t really have to, as the pizzas will be available anyway from all 3 outlets ... NOW! Can you really blame them, imagine trying to think when you’re in heaven, hard right? Ok, stop drooling & start ordering foodies. We hope you enjoy them! 

Want to see another episode? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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