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Exclusive on Bolt Food: Time for a Burger Bonanza! 🍔

We’ve partnered up with Bolt Food to give you a brand new series that you will definitely love!

Exclusive on Bolt Food: Time for a Burger Bonanza! 🍔

Boy, have we got a super cool concept for you today. We’ve partnered up with Bolt Food to give you a brand new series that you will definitely love! 😍

If you don’t have the Bolt Food app installed yet, click here if you’re an Android user, or click here if you’re an Apple device owner, and it will be on your phone in just a few clicks. 📱

What’s this all about?

Exclusive on Bolt Food (or Bolty Food, as Pavel likes to call it) is a talk show, as we have teamed up with Bolt Food, where an awesome duo - Pavel and Mark - taste new menu items, for the first time ever, that will be exclusively available on the Bolt Food App. 🤩

Pavel and Mark from Bolt Food with Bolt Take away carries behind them

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with these two?

In this video, our awesome pair try out the first group of Bolt Exclusives while trying to guess the restaurant it came from as well as the ingredients (and passing on some hilarious comments along the way). See for yourself - just tap that play button at the top of this page! ☝️


We’re starting out with 4 bombshell burgers from 4 different locations that are available as from today. Since Mark and Pavel were taste-testing, we didn’t give them all the info right away, so here’s all you need to know about the fantastic four burgers: 💪

4 burgers exclusive to Bolt Food

The Fantastic Four!

Tikka Tikka from NomNom

Our dynamic duo starts off with tasting NomNom’s Tikka Tikka, trying to discover the ingredients in the burger. Well, Mark did guess that it was chicken and it was a tiny bit spicy. 🔥

It is, in fact, a deep-fried tikka chicken thigh with spicy, tangy chutney, topped with garlic feta cheese, red onions, and pickled veggies - all inside a lovely brioche bun. 🍔

 deep-fried tikka chicken thigh from NomNom

What a beaut, huh?

Mark gave the Tikka Tikka two thumbs up, so you know it has to be good. You can get this, including fries and a soft drink, for €13.95. 👌

Bolognella from Hermanos

The Bolognella consists of a brioche bun, two beef patties, Edam cheese, mortadella (yes, mortadella!), crispy onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and some mayo. 🤤

The entire burger is all so soft, Mark says it “just melts in your mouth”, to which Pavel, who seems to have a vivid imagination, replies, “it’s as if a mermaid would touch my tongue”. 🤔

mortadella burger from hermanos

Look at this gorgeous beast!

Both of them agree that it’s a must-try. So just check out the Bolt Food app and try it out for €13.95! ✌️

Will you be trying any of these burgers out?

Il-Berger from Novi Bar

In this one, a beautiful brioche bun houses a nicely seasoned beef patty that is topped with American cheese and perfectly crispy bacon. You also get a combo of sauteed onions and crispy fried onions in this beauty, accompanied by lettuce, tomato, pickles, and Novi’s house burger sauce. 😋

It’s like the devil himself cooked it on the floor of hell… in a good way” - this is how Pavel describes Il-Berger. Because this burger is sooo good, it’s sinful. 😏

il-berger from Novi

This one’s day-dreaming material.

The price for this burger is €10 and you can get fries for an extra €1. 🙌

The A5 Burger from Shakes ‘n’ Bakes

What a beautiful monster! Two smashed Wagyu patties and a smashed USDA beef patty are topped with applewood cheese, Batavia lettuce, tomato, onions, sliced radish, and homemade sauce - all top-notch stuff! 😌

The A5 Burger is so good, it makes Mark and Pavel swear a little. This “explosion of flavours”, as Mark puts it, costs €25 and it’s also served with fries. 🍟

wagyu burger with apple wood cheese from shakes and bakes

Are you drooling yet?

Pavel and Mark are so distracted by these juicy burgers that they only manage to guess one restaurant: Shakes ‘n’ Bakes. But can you really blame them? Look at those burgers! I wouldn’t even manage to think straight. 🤷

Would you like to see another of these  Exclusive on Bolt Food episodes? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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